Some difficulty with a human wear a braille display

Dana Leet

Good afternoon everyone. I have a B I 14 also known as a braille trail, I know they are pretty much the same device because they show up simultaneously the same in my phone. The problem that I’m having with this device, is that it charges to a full 100% and then when I use it it will only go down to about half of a charge meaning the battery indicator says 50% and then it won’t power on anymore and I have to charge it again and it seems like I get about 10 hours of use out of the device, when it’s normally supposed to be 20 I thought. So wondering what you all think I could do or if there are any fixes I could try? I believe it should be under warranty as it’s only a couple months old. Dana

Ann Parsons

Hi all,

Dana, do you have the paperwork from your purchase? If it's still under warranty, then contact the vendor or the company and send it in for repair.

Ann P.

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