stereo in-ear bluetooth earbud recommendation

David Mehler

I'm looking for recommendations for a bluetooth stereo in-ear earbud.
I've got one that I don't like, due to audio quality and just
dissatisfaction overall. There are features that I like:

1. It has two earbuds not a reversable one. So I can put whichever one
in the ear I want.
2. It has a charger case that I can also put in the earbud that I'm
not using so I won't loose it.
3. No wires, no around the neck piece.

I would like these features. One thing I don't like is the lack of
power and other buttons on this setup, also to skip tracks you have to
have one earbud in to go forward and the other earbud in to go back,
sometimes I'm wanting to only have one earbud in so as to be able to
have an ear free. So something i want is having controls on each
earbud for complete control without relying on a phne.

I'd appreciate any recommendations, budget friendly around $50 US please.