stereo in-ear Bluetooth earbud recommendation

Vicky Vaughan

Hi Dave and List, I recently acquired a set of ear pods called Outlier by Creative. They have some of the features that Dave stated that he wanted.

They are solely Blue tooth and have no wires or loops.
They have a charging case into which they fit snugly and this in turn can be connected to your computer's
Blue tooth port or in my case, into a port on my stereo receiver.

The controls on the ear pods do different functions, so you would lose functionality by using only one.

They cost about $80 American dollars and have a really good sound.
There is a voice that will tell you when they turn on or off.
They paired to my HD 10 seventh gen Fire tablet with no trouble
In order to connect them to my Windows 10 desktop computer, it was necessary to get a Blue tooth adapter.
With the Windows 10, I did not need to download anything from the web, as I would have had to do, if I had a Windows 7 computer.
In order to get the ear pods to connect to the desktop I had to turn off the Blue tooth on my iPhone and tablet, so as not to interfere with the connection process. Once that was done however, I was able to turn Bluetooth back on for both of them, without disturbing that connection.

I did need sighted assistance with the pairing, since it was very helpful to know when the lights were flashing the right pattern to be paired.

The irritating fact about this is that when we lost electricity, I lost the pairing and had to go through all of it again.

They come with 2 sizes of ear tips, so you can probably find one that fits you.

If anyone wishes, I'd be glad to post the instructions for them.

Good luck in finding just the right pair for you and please let us know what you choose and how they workout for you.

Sincerely, Vicky V

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I'm looking for recommendations for a bluetooth stereo in-ear earbud.
I've got one that I don't like, due to audio quality and just dissatisfaction overall. There are features that I like:

1. It has two earbuds not a reversable one. So I can put whichever one in the ear I want.
2. It has a charger case that I can also put in the earbud that I'm not using so I won't loose it.
3. No wires, no around the neck piece.

I would like these features. One thing I don't like is the lack of power and other buttons on this setup, also to skip tracks you have to have one earbud in to go forward and the other earbud in to go back, sometimes I'm wanting to only have one earbud in so as to be able to have an ear free. So something i want is having controls on each earbud for complete control without relying on a phne.

I'd appreciate any recommendations, budget friendly around $50 US please.

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