Talking DAB/FM radio demo

Pamela Dominguez

Except, if you have been following the subject, none of us in the U.S. can use this.  It’s a whole different system than ours.  Pam.

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        Thought you might like to check this out for the future.


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Hi all.  On another tech list one of the members (must work for the company) posted a link to a new radio product the company is developing.  There is a link to a demonstration and I must say it is rather impressive and when it becomes available, I’ll be one of the first to buy one, especially if it has phono outputs.  You can listen for yourselves and there is a survey for your comments if anybody wishes to respond.  I’ll paste the whole email below.  Walter.




At Taira Technology, we are in the process of developing a fully talking FM and DAB digital radio.


So far, we have created a promising prototype and are hoping to incorporate innovative features to make it more than just a radio.


Please click on the following link to hear an audio demonstration of our progress so far:


We would appreciate your feedback and would be very grateful if you could complete the survey at the following link:


If you have any comments or have problems completing this survey, please don't hesitate to contact us directly on 03432897501, or email us at contact@....


Many thanks,