[Tec Talk] I am totally embarrassed at my last emails. sorry for the emails.

Leigh Winfield

Hey don't feel embarrassed about anything computer. Computers are
difficult even for those who work with them every day. So here's my
worthless advice; First, try to make a image of what's on your hard drive.
It's like a mirror image,, maybe even another disk in the same computer that
you can copy everything on to. Two; you could be right about a hardware
problem, but probably not. You may need some sighted help, make sure
everything that can be is up-to-date. Jaws may say you have clicked the
correct checkbox but not really. I've had that happen several times.
There's something about a honest to goodness mouse click that the computer
likes better. Third; You can re-format the hard drive disk. Do you have
windows 10? If you do then; pushing the power button from the off position
three times and then holding in the power button for thirty seconds, will
erase everything and re-format the hard drive giving you a fresh start
including no JAWS. However windows key and enter will turn on narrator.
Narrator is getting better and will get you by long enough to re-load JAWS.
Before all of that try making sure updates are really turned on and working
properly. I too have used the Microsoft help desk and been disappointed.
Sad to say most of those helpers are from the Philippians and have less
knowledge than one would hope for.
So hopefully you'll get back to normal with your computer, I'm very sorry
for your problem, it's a bummer to have to suffer with those kinds of
discouragements. Good luck and keep the faith, sooner or later you'll get
everything working again.
Sincerely Leigh W.

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Jim, if I had your problem, I'd bite the bullet and call my computer guy.

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Hi all, I have been with the Microsoft desk five different times on this,
and they finally told me that they couldn't help me. They think I have a
hard ware issue. I have been trying to get this computer to update all the
windows update for month's .now, and it just won't update. I have jaws 2018
on it, but it is only part of the program. For example I have jaws 18 Om my
desk top. When I hit enter on it, it doesn't go to options, basic, etc. it
opens to jaws, roaming, settings. I have a disc here with jaws 2018 on it,
and it tries to install, but the install fails at 50%. I
tried to install versions 19 through 2021 and they all failed at 50%.This
computer used to be wonderful. I haven't a clue as to what has happened to
titlist there any way I
can reset the computer, and get a fresh start with it? How
could I do that and keep the programs I have? Is there anything I can do?
This is an ASUS computer, 3 years old?
Thanks for putting up with my earlier emails. Jim.