the 6th episode of blind android users podcast which is the first episode of the segment on romming your device is now ready for listening.


hi all.
the first episode in our segment in romming your device is now ready
for you to listen to.
you can find it at.
our episodes can now be plaied on smart speakers.
this first episode is for all who are interested in custom romming but
have not rommed their device or rooted their device and it is also for
people who have never heard what is a custom rom on android and how
its installed.
in this first episode i go about explaining all the terminology of
romming along with requirements and a brief touch on the process on
how a rom is flashed.
in the next episode of this segment i will give a demo on how to rom a
old device with an A only partition system.
in the 3rd episode i will show how to rom a new a/b device.
this episode is a long episode so for ease of listening each term that
i have explained is marked by a chapter marker.
if you listen to the podcast using an app like Pocket Casts - Podcast
Player or any other app that supports chapter markers you can browse
to the chapter you want to listen.
enjoy and happy listening.
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