The need for keyboard shortcuts for constrained drag and drop . . .


I am well aware of screen reader "emulated" drag and drop and am also all too well aware of how frequently it simply does not do the job as expected.  As of a few minutes ago, I got frustrated enough with the fact that these don't exist, in Windows itself, that I went to the Feedback Hub to make a formal suggestion.

That suggestion documents the need for keyboard shortcuts that allow what I'm calling constrained drag and drop, where one is simply moving rows in a list that are normally dragged and dropped up and down, or columns normally dragged left and right, relative to each other.   There is no reason that there could not be a keyboard shortcut, in Windows itself, for the equivalent of left mouse click and hold, after which the up/down/left/right arrows could function to move the row or column or object in the directions it can possibly move in.  I was thinking really of rows and columns, but even in grid layouts where something could move in all those directions could use such, and I didn't include this, which I should have.  After the move is done, there would either need to be a drop/release button or the thing that was the left mouse click and hold button could be a toggle that you'd hit again to drop.

This isn't rocket science, and it's easy to explain the situations where it would be useful.

If anyone wants to read, and/or upvote, and/or add comments of their own, here's the Feedback Hub link: 

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