very disappointing knows

John Holcomb II

Yeah with sub par audio. Its like every other specialized device for blind
people. Skimp on the stuff that matters.
My opinion based on my use and trial of such products. You don't get what
you pay for IMO.
Obviously I don't share the same view as a lot of people though , or many
more things would tang than do.

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Hi all,

Well, Laz, if people can believe that a vaccination will make one sterile,
then they can surely believe that the victor Reader is being discontinued.
I'm completely serious! My friend Martha knows a group of nurses in VT who
actually believe this rot Wonder what would happen if I got on Public Media
and said the sky was green?

Always remember The Wizard's First Rule, according to Terry Goodkind.
(People will believe anything at all so long as they either are afraid it
might be true or want it to be true.)

Weapons against rumors are the answers to the Five W's. Who told you the
rumor? How reliable is that source? What proof did your source offer?
What he said either makes sense or doesn't. Why would she tell you the
rumor and more importantly why would it make sense to her?
Where did your source get the rumor? When was this started? Now we come to
the most important question of all how does this information benefit the
rumor source or the object of the rumor? Qui bono? Qui Bono?

Now I could go through all the above questions and quash the rumor, but I'll
let you all do that. Please remember that the Victor Reader Stream is one
of Humanware's largest cash cows. That's all I'm going to say about this
except to repeat Qui Bono?

Ann P.

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