welcome to episode 34 of Blind android users podcast.


hi all.
welcome to episode 34 of Blind Android Users podcast.
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in this episode, we first discuss the new policy of google that will
remove apps from the playstore if they have not been updated to or
signed into by the developers or if the app is taking unneeded
advantage of accessibility permissions
we then demo email clients in our must have apps section.
demos include Gmail, Aqua-mail, k-9-mail, and more demos are coming
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then Mariamm shows what is new in the latest update of Commentary
screen reader and how to label unlabeled buttons.
warren then demos an app in our app of the week section called water
resistant which tells you if your phone is water resistant and if all
protections are in place.
then Rana Kiwan joins us to tell us how she got started on android.