Windows 11 and Office 365 with Jaws issue

Madison Martin

Hi all,
I upgraded to Windows 11 on Monday (I upgraded, I didn't do a clean install
because I don't know how and I'm not comfortable doing such a thing) and ever
since then I've noticed Outlook being really slow, I've had to close it out
multiple times and I've even had to shut down my laptop a couple of times to get
it to do anything. I have trouble arrowing through messages and when I delete
one Jaws just seems to freeze up. I think this is a Jaws issue, when I use
Narrator things seem to work fine, but I'd really rather not have to switch to
it permently. My laptop is from 2019 and it has 16 GB of ram, and it was fine
before I upgraded to Windows 11, I upgraded Jaws two weeks ago. Doing a Jaws
repair and then uninstalling and re-installing Jaws didn't solve the problem.
Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this and if there's anything that
can be done about this?
Using latest versions of Jaws (2022), Office 365 and Windows 11. Really hope
someone can help me!! Thanks Madison