Zoom Meeting Confusion

Rich DeSteno

I created a free Zoom account a few months ago, but did not do anything with it until recently.  When I created the account, I received a confirming email from Zoom providing me with what they called my "personal meeting URL".  That URL included what they called my "personal meeting ID".  When I provided a friend with this personal meeting URL in order to conduct a test meeting, we were not able to meet, because my friend received a message that I was in another meeting.  I do not understand how I could be in another meeting when we both used the same URL.  The same thing happened when I loaded the Zoom program from my computer.  I note that the meeting number that I got when I got into the room was different from my personal meeting ID, which probably explains why we were not successful meeting.  My questions are:

1. Has Zoom changed the concept of this personal meeting ID and URL since I joined?

2. How can I meet with someone if my meeting gets a new and different number every time I start the program?

3. What steps do I take to successfully hold a planned meeting with one other person?


Rich De Steno