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This is a list of useful resources, links, and freeware.  Most of the freeware is fairly accessible, although some may require mouse cursor navigation.  I have tried to place more commonly requested types of applications at the top of the list.  If anyone feels that there is something else worth listing, please inform me in a private message.


Microsoft Disability Answer Desk

Apple Accessibility Support

Amazon Disability Help Line

Accessible World - Accessible Internet Resources

Mystic Access - Podcasts and reviews specializing in accessibility

Blind Planet - Audio tutorials, resources, and programs

The Blind Geek Zone - Audio tutorials, gadget demonstrations, useful links, and programs

Cool Blind Tech - Latest In Assistive Tech! News, Reviews and Interviews

AppleVis - A community-powered website for blind and low-vision users of Apple's range of products

The Erasing Blindness Blog - everything related to blindness and visual impairment all in one place - Accessible games for the blind

Entombed - RPG game for the blind and visually impaired

Mailing Lists:

JAWS Users' List

JFW Support List - A source for anything and everything related to JAWS for Windows

Talk - Window-Eyes Discussion List
with the word "subscribe" in the subject line.

NVDA Users' List

Windows 10 and JAWS discussion list
Subscribe :

Win10 - A central forum for blind and visually impaired users of Windows 10

Eyes-free Android

Vi Android
with the word "subscribe" in the subject line.

with the word "subscribe" in the subject line.

Mac For The Blind
with the word "subscribe" in the subject line.

BARDTalk - NLS BARD discussion list

Download Links:

Adobe Flash Player

Adobe Acrobat Reader
This is the Adobe Reader Distribution page.  Some consider it more accessible than the standard download page.

Ninite - Install or Update Multiple Applications at Once

Sonar - Accessible desktop Linux distribution

Vinux - Accessible desktop Linux distribution

TalkingArch - Accessible command line Linux distribution


7-Zip - Extracts ZIP files and several other archive formats

AnyBurn - Portable disc burning utility

CDBurnerXP - Disc burning utility

CDex - CD ripper/extractor

My CDex written tutorial

AVStoDVD - Convert/burn video files to DVD

CCleaner - Removes junk files, temporary files, and has several other useful system tools
Standard installer; Includes promotional software.
Portable archive without installer; Does not include promotional software.
Slim installer; Does not include promotional software.  Note that update of the slim installer is often delayed by weeks.  Therefore when the standard installer is updated, this download link may not be available for long periods of time.

Filelister - Save a list of files in a folder

LS - File List Generator

Copy Filenames - Context menu ad-on for copying paths and file names to the clipboard

Path Copy - Context menu ad-on for copying paths and file names to the clipboard

Freemake Video Downloader - Download and convert videos from YouTube and other similar websites

Pontes Media Downloader - Download and convert videos from YouTube and other similar websites

Pazera Free Audio Extractor - Video audio extractor and audio format converter
Last completely accessible version.

mp3DirectCut MP3 editor and recorder
Edits are performed without decoding/quality loss.

Note, for recording with mp3DirectCut, you will also need the LAME MP3 encoder.  Just unzip the package and copy the file
into the mp3DirectCut installation folder which is
C:\Program Files\mp3DirectCut
on 32 bit installations and
C:\Program Files (x86)\mp3DirectCut
on 64 bit installations.  Make sure to download the 32 and not the 64 bit version of LAME.  The LAME encoder package can be downloaded here.

MP3Gain - Modify MP3 gain without decoding

Calibre - E-book manager and converter
Note that Calibre is not very accessible, but see below for a download link to my frontend for the converter.

My WinPE images, example unattended installation script for Windows 7, frontend for the Calibre E-book converter, ETC
Thanks to Rob Hudson for hosting these files.

PDF to TXT - Convert PDF files to text files
Note, includes OCR support for scanned/image PDF files as well.

VLC media player - Play DVDs and many video formats

Explorer++ - File manager/Windows Explorer alternative

FreeCommander - File manager/Windows Explorer alternative

FileZilla - FTP client

WinSCP - FTP client

Recuva - Undelete, Unerase, File and Disk Recovery

Active@ Disk Image Lite - Disk imaging software

Cobian Backup - File backup utility

Regbak - Backup and restore the registry

7z NSE - Treats 7z, RAR, and other archive formats as folders

Adblock Plus - Blocks ads including YouTube video ads

Bulk Rename Utility - Advanced file renaming tool

Classic Shell - Emulate Start menu of other Windows versions

Free Download Manager _ Alternative download manager for several popular browsers

HotkeyP - Hotkey utility

SoundVolumeView - Save and restore soundcard settings

Unchecky - Automatically unchecks promotional software included in recognized program installers

Unlocker- Unlocks, deletes, renames, or moves files and folders which are in-use/locked by the system or other processes

WordWeb - Free thesaurus and dictionary

Magical Jelly Bean Keyfinder - Retrieve product keys of Windows and other applications from the registry

ProduKey - Retrieve product keys of Windows and other applications from the registry

SterJo Key Finder - Retrieve product keys of Windows and other applications from the registry
Note that this one will supposedly retrieve product keys for Office 2013, while the other similar utilities listed here will not.  At least not for free.  I recommend downloading the portable version.

AOMEI Partition Assistant - Disk partitioning software

PartitionGuru - Disk partitioning software

Mozilla Firefox - Web browser

WebVisum - Mozilla Firefox plug-in for solving captchas
Note that an invitation is required to create an account for the service and you cannot use the plug-in without an account.  You can request an invitation either from an existing member or the homepage itself, but lately they are slow to respond if they respond at all.  You may be better off requesting an invitation from existing members on Tech Talk.

Updated version of the WebVisum plug-in which has been signed so that it will work with newer versions of Firefox

Mozilla Thunderbird - E-mail client

NVDA - Screen reader

NVDA Tutorials

Send to Braille - Translate documents to braille from the "Send to" menu

WinBT 2.0 - Open source Windows braille translator

AdwCleaner - Removes adware, toolbars, hijackers, and other similar unwanted promotional software
Be aware that this is not a malware scanner.

Avast - Antivirus for PC, Mac & Android

AVG - Antivirus & Malware Protection

Avira - Antivirus scanner

Emsisoft Emergency Kit - Portable on-demand malware scanner

ESET - Online virus scanner

Junkware Removal Tool - Removes promotional toolbars and software
Be aware that this is not a malware scanner.  Also note that it will close down all processes including your screen reader.  Just restart it using the associated keyboard shortcut.

Malwarebytes - Anti-Malware Detection & Removal Software

Microsoft Safety Scanner - On-demand virus scanner

Microsoft Security Essentials - Virus scanner

VIPRE Rescue - On-demand virus scanner

1by1 - MP3 and multiformat audio directory player

AltaCast 3 - Broadcast streamer
 Available as Winamp/Foobar plugins and standalone version.

Anvide Seal Folder - Hide/password protect folders

ASIO4ALL - Universal ASIO Driver

Audacity - Audio editor and recorder

Audio Switcher - Switch audio devices using hotkeys

AutoHotkey - Hotkey scripting language

AutoIt - Automation scripting language

Awesome Password Generator - Generate random passwords

Balabolka - View and convert several eBook formats to speech

Bat To Exe - Convert batch files to executable files

Belarc Advisor - Create detailed HTML hardware profile

Blat - Command line E-mail sender

BurnCDCC - Standalone utility for burning ISO images to CD

CD2ISO - Standalone utility for extracting the contents of a CD to an ISO image

cdrtfe - Disc burning utility

CLCL - Clipboard extender

CipherShed - Disk encryption software

CueListTool - Extract cue points from wav files

CueMaster - CUE sheet editor

Debut - Video Capture Software

Ditto - Network enabled clipboard extender

Directory Compare - Folder synchronization utility

Directory Monitor - Monitor folders for changes and perform actions

DiskCryptor - Disk encryption software

DM2 - Minimize windows to the system tray with a hotkey

DSynchronize - Folder synchronization utility

Enigma Virtual Box - Pack applications into single executables with virtualization

epCheck - Track and view TV series data

Ext2Fsd - ext3/4 Linux file system driver for Windows

FastCopy - File copy/synchronization utility

FileTypesMan - Create and manage file types/associations

fSekrit - Save notes in encrypted self-contained program files

grepWin - Search and replace text using regular expressions

Hanso Recorder - Audio recording utility

Hardlink Shell Extension - Context menu add-on for creating hardlinks, junctions, and symbolic links

HFS - HTTP based file server

HTTrack - Copy entire websites

IgorWare Hasher - Calculate SHA-1, MD5 and CRC32 hash

ImDisk Toolkit - Create dynamic RAM disks

Inno Setup - Create installation packages

iReboot - Select an operating system to boot from the system tray

Kid3 - Audio tagger for several popular formats
Note that the interface of this program is not very accessible.  I am including it because it can also be used from the command line.  A tagger which supports so many audio formats and command line operation is somewhat rare in Windows.

loopMIDI - Virtual MIDI port driver for newer versions of Windows

ln - Command line version of Hardlink Shell Extension

Machete Video Editor Lite - Edit AVI and WMV video files without decoding/quality loss

MadAppLauncher - Unusual hotkey program launcher

Makeitone - Join MP3 albums into one file

Mem Reduct - Real-time memory management application

Metapad - Notepad replacement

Mini Recorder - Audio recording utility

MJ Registry Watcher - Monitor registry keys for changes

Mp3tag - ID3 Tag editor and organizer

Merge MP3 - Merge MP3 files

mpTrim - Trim silence from MP3 files

MultiHasher - File hash calculator

NirSoft - Free password recovery tools, browser tools, network tools, all kinds of useful tools

NSSM - Run some applications as services

NUtils - Hotkey-controled window manager/hider

OpenMPT - Music making tracker based software with VST support

PhraseExpress - Automatically expand abbreviations while typing to insert text

PlayTime - Calculate the total play time of a list of music or movie files

PopSel - Create customizable pop-up menus to launch programs/URLs, open folders, and so on.

POP Peeper - E-mail checker/notifier
Works with POP3, IMAP, and several different types of web-based E-mail accounts.

Private Folder - Hide and or password protect folders

PSPad - Free text and HTML editor

Purrint - Screen capture directly to image files

QWS - Accessible MIDI sequencer

RadioSure - Internet station player and recorder

Registry Commander - Alternative to the windows registry editor

Rufus - Write ISO images to flash drives

RunWithParameters - Context menu add-on to run executable files with parameters

SharpKeys - Keyboard remapping utility

Silver Key - Encrypt files from the context menu

SMARegisTry Backup - Backup registry keys selectively

SoftPerfect RAM Disk - RAM disk utility

Spybot Anti-Beacon - Disable tracking features in Windows 10

TapinRadio - Internet station player and recorder

TreeComp - Folder synchronization utility

Types - Create and manage file types/associations

VB-CABLE - Free virtual audio driver

VeraCrypt - Disk encryption software

Virtual Recorder - Simple utility for recording what you hear or sound card inputs

VSTHost - Small VST host which supports loading/saving of FXP presets and FXB banks, VST chaining, MIDI input/output, MIDI player, wave player/recorder, ASIO, and input from the PC keyboard.

WebMon - Monitors web pages for changes

Wget and cURL Windows Binaries - Command line file download utilities

Win Updates Disabler - Disable/enable updates in Windows 10

Wireless Network Watcher - Monitor connection of devices to your network

WSUS Offline Update - Update Microsoft Windows and Office without an Internet connection

XVI32 - Hex Editor

yaP - Application portablizer